Simplest start-up starter

Bare bones HTML landing page template

focused on engagement and conversion


If you want to try a business idea, you will need a landing page.


Existing templates are more beautiful than this one, but they are way harder to extend, they have poor readability, are not free for commercial use, load slowly, have unoptimized conversion rate, and are often tied to backend technologies like Wordpress.


Not this simple template.

How it works

You will need very basic technical skills to make it works.

The template is a one-pager with plain HTML • CSS • JS.

Subscribe to, google analytics, and formspree. They have a nice free tier.
Go to the GitHub repository and follow instructions of the file.
Focus on copywriting, then start to interact and collect mail from visitors.


It's a classic amongst landing page sections : the section that list the features that your service provides

Beginner friendly. There is one version with only plain CSS and JavaScript, and one version for more experienced developers that make the template easier to extend.
As much help as needed. Step-by-step docs so that you'll never walk alone. This is my main open-source project, so I will actively maintain the project and reply to every request.
Free hosting. The tool come with a command to deploy your landing page on GitHub pages, which offers free hosting. Not mandatory though.
Mobile friendly. Everybody abusingly say to be "responsive". Not here. Each section is carefully designed to work well on every device, without weird image or bad alignement.
Avoid technology lock. The generated webpage is only made of web front-end technologies : HTML5, CSS3, JS. You may use (but are not locked into) any back-end technology.
Avoid optimization headache. Font weight, speed of rendering... and many more attentions to technical details so that you won't have to spend time on landing page optimization.
Flat 3rd-party integration. This is a consequence of both open-source and no-tech-lock : you can integrate 3rd party tool at no cost.
Free without hidden cost. Open-source project, without any company behind it. Created on free time as a leisure. Free to use and abuse under MIT license.


Frequently asked questions

Why do you release it ?
It is a side project. I needed this kind of template some time ago, which didn't exist.
Why is it free ?
Free is a big part of the value of the product. I wanted a completly frictionless template, both technically and commercially. Anyone can now start a business idea.
When should it be used ?
When you want to launch a landing page the same day you thought about it.
Do I need technical skills ?
Yes, but not much. Minimal requirement is to know very little basis of HTML, CSS and JS. Or at least, you're not afraid of them.
Why are there no images ?
They reduce load time and are subject to debate. In a first version of a landing page you should focus on copywriting.
Where can I report a bug ?
You can use GitHub issues or email me.

Pricing tables

This page is free to use under MIT license. But you may want your visitor to pay at some point. Links should go straight to a payment page.

Plan A
100€ per month
This is why you should choose this.
Feature 1
Feature 2
Feature 3
Feature 4
Plan B
150€ per month
This is why you should choose this.
Feature 1
Feature 2
Feature 3
Feature 4
Plan C
210€ per month
This is why you should choose this.
Feature 1
Feature 2
Feature 3
Feature 4

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